PJ Morton Releases 'Watch The Sun' Visual Album

Photo Credit: PJ Morton/YouTube

Much like he began the year, PJ Morton is ending 2022 strong. He's currently nominated for three GRAMMY Awards for Best R&B Album, Best R&B Song and Best Gospel Performance/Song. He just ended his worldwide Watch The Sun Tour, and prior to that, he dropped the deluxe edition of Watch The Sun complete with the new single "The Better Benediction Pt. 2" and an accompanying music video. That wasn't the only video that he released, however, with Morton finally answering our prayers and delivering a Watch The Sun visual album.

We had our suspicions that PJ had something in the works just by the sheer amount of music videos that he brought us from the project. There was also a common narrative that a few of the clips shared that tipped us off that something more creative was afoot, and we were right.

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Directed by Dominic Scott, the Watch The Sun film features a compilation of seven previously released videos, reimaginings of clips for two songs and two brand-new visuals. With a combination of live-action footage, vivid animation and selective narration by PJ, the film brings the whole album to life and tells a fuller story.

The visual album naturally begins with pre-existing videos for "Love's Disease (Just Can't Get Enough)" and "Biggest Mistake" where we're introduced to PJ and his lady in separate scenes – and seemingly on different pages – while he and his band jam in the studio.

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After those two familiar clips, Scott delivers an updated vision for the newly GRAMMY-nominated ballad "Please Don't Walk Away." The standalone music video that was released in February and co-starred Dawn Richard is replaced by more scenes of PJ, his lady and his band advancing the existing storyline.

PJ's narration bridges the gap between "Please Don't Walk Away" and the beginning of a suite of animated videos. We're treated to brand-new visualizers for "Watch The Sun," "My Peace" and "So Lonely." The animation is similar to that of the "Be Like Water" video, which fits in nicely between the latter two songs.

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After that animated break, we return to live action with the remaining previously run clips for "Still Believe," "Lil' Too Heavy," "On My Way" and "The Better Benediction" rounding things out to end the visual album. There's no resolution between PJ and his estranged lover, hinting that maybe there is more of their story to be told. (OK, maybe that's just wishful thinking on our part.)

We applaud PJ Morton for pouring his heart and soul into creating a total Watch The Sun package with flawless execution. He continues to set the curve and raise the bar for independent artists. Press play to view the Watch The Sun film below, and join us in eagerly awaiting PJ Morton's next music move.

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