Phony Ppl Pick Up The Funk On 'dialtone.'

Photo Credit: Phony Ppl/YouTube

Phony Ppl have already turned us on with the sounds of their single "Nowhere But Up" and the news of their upcoming album Euphonyus. Still, we're always here for new sounds from the five-man band. Thankfully, they've got just what we need with the release of their new single "dialtone."

Like "Nowhere But Up," the Phonies are dealing with affairs of the heart on "dialtone." This time, however, the girl seems to be way less hung on them than they are on her. "Ooh / What's a muthaf**ka 'sposed to do / When his girl is on the loose / Thought he had nothing to lose," the group's vocalist Elbie Thrie sings to the song's funky, Cameo-like groove. "And I might be / A little f**ked up in the head I think / 'Cause she don't that I exist / When I go home to her / There's nothing wrong with me, there's something wrong with her."

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"Lyrically written in split screen, 'dialtone.' is actually two different songs at once! One song (the cause) is about a guy realizing space is only expanding between him and his lover," the group said in a press statement. "The other song (the effect) is about a relationship that only exists in the mind of said guy. Either way, there’s something wrong! Did they have something special, then drift apart? Or is it all in his head? … Maybe it's all been in his head since they drifted. Either way, sing to the cause, whistle to the effect and dance to both at once."

The group's bass player Bari Bass helps bring the song to life with the video which he animated and directed. It serves as an introduction of sorts to the band, with each member's likeness rotoscoped onto colorful, ever-changing backgrounds along with other creative animations. The process, which took two years to complete, captures the band's energy perfectly while giving us something fun to watch as we groove to yet another Phony Ppl jam.

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"dialtone." and "Nowhere But Up" will both appear on Euphonyus when the set arrives on November 18th. While we countdown the two short weeks until the album's arrival, stream "dialtone." and watch its video when you press play below.

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