Marie Dahlstrom & Delleile Ankrah Assure Us To Keep It Moving On 'Clouds'

Photo Credit: Lennon Gregory

In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, it's sometimes difficult to find a moment to breathe. We busy ourselves hopping from one demand to the next, never truly present in the beauty of our being. We’re distracted by posts and pictures on social media, as the highlight reels of others fuel our insecurities. Singer/songwriter/producer Marie Dahlstrom understands and reminds us that we’re trying to navigate through all the noise on her latest single “Clouds.” She teams up with British boy band MiC LOWRY’s Delleile Ankrah to assure us that everything will unfold as it should if we just keep moving.

Over the Dan Diggas-produced track Marie and Delleile sing, “I keep telling myself every day I wake up in the morning, I got it / ‘Cause it’s all in my head, can’t seem to get it out, it feels clouded / Oh, I keep trying my best, keep searching for guidance in me / Yeah I keep tunnel vision instead.”  

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Co-written by Dalhstrom, Ankrah and Diggas last winter, it makes sense that a song of reassurance and resilience was born out of the time we first started to see the end of the pandemic. Following a period especially tough for artists, many struggled to find new sources of inspiration and even the will to continue.

"It’s about feeling lost, but taking 5 mins to get back on your feet and overcome whatever is in front of ‎you. To face the fear or obstacle. It’s about moving forward,” Marie shared with Enigma. Delleile added, ‎“This song is about when you’ve lost your path in life and you find it again. You get on the right path, ‎and you know you’re doing the right thing, the energy is good. That instinct and natural feeling."

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As the creative chemistry between the two of them is obvious, they both sing each other’s praises noting the ease at which the song came together, calling the collaboration “smooth and organic.” 

Give yourself a bit of grace and listen to Marie Dahlstrom’s “Clouds” featuring Delleile Ankrah below. Keep an eye out for more from Marie as she continues the rollout for the follow-up to her 2020 debut album, Like Sand.

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