Mahalia Is In The Sweet Spot Of Love With 'Bag Of You'

Photo Credit: Mahalia/YouTube

Mahalia has proven to be one of the most prolific artists of her generation. In the past two years, she's released a steady stream of singles and projects to keep us nodding our heads throughout the pandemic. Now that it seems that time is over (at least unofficially), the "Letter To Ur Ex" singer seems poised to keep the momentum going with the release of new single "Bag Of You."

"Bag Of You" finds Mahalia helplessly in love with her guy. So much so, that she can't always seem to divorce herself from his essence when he's gone. While guitar is strummed softly alongside the rhythmic hit of drums, Mahalia sings of her heart longing for him whether he's near or far.

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"I always miss me when you're gone / I don't wanna slip up and get lost without you, ooh / Oh, you, ooh," she sings on the chorus. "Could you, please, tell me where your love is from? / So I can stop by the shop and pick up a bag of you."

For the song's video, the singer gets romantic at the beach with her video beau. Wearing a fluffy, bright pink hat, she gazes at a cloud-streaked sky while singing the heartfelt lyrics. There's not much else to the clip, but it beautifully conveys the song's sentiments while capturing that magical feeling of being in love.

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"This song is one of my favourites so far," Mahalia said in a press release. "'Bag Of You' is all about that sweet spot in a relationship when everything is just lovely. Where the idea of being without that person — even just for a second — is too much to [bear]. I love everything about this record. It’s definitely the start of what’s to come next year."

Is that a promise of more new music we're hearing? We'll be on the lookout for Mahalia to make good on that come 2023. In the meantime, enjoy the stream and music video for "Bag Of You" when you press play below.

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