Kevin Ross Finally Gives Us A Visual 'Sweet Release'

Photo Credit: Kevin Ross/YouTube

Kevin Ross has been giving us his take on R&B and soul for well over a decade now, and we still can't get enough. His most recent effort, last year's Drive 2, had us swaying under his groove. Our only wish was that the project had more visuals to accompany it other than just his lovely vision for lead single "Looking For Love." Well, it seems that Kevin has heard our cry as he's released a visual for the romantic cut "Sweet Release" more than a year after the project's release.

We raved about "Sweet Release" when it was first released as a single in October 2021. Its driving metaphors and slick guitar had us ready to ride out with the crooner. The video takes that feel even further.

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In it, we see Kevin sitting at the piano in a smoke-filled, dimly lit room. His performance remains here for the majority of the video, but that's not the clip's only action. A hot couple pulls the focus from time to time as we see the twosome make time to seduce each other in and out of the bedroom.

The video keeps it to subtle touches and caresses rather than being completely overt about what's going down between the sheets. However, what's left up to the imagination makes it all the more sexy and keeps us thoroughly invested.

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We might've waited over a year to finally get our "Sweet Release," but it was well worth it. Allow Kevin Ross to take you there when you press play.

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