Jordin Sparks Calls Us To The Dance Floor With 'Stop This Feeling'

Photo Credit: Jordin Sparks/Instagram

Jordin Sparks showed us she could move on this season of Dancing With The Stars, cutting a rug with some of the best of them. Sadly, the singer was eliminated from the show on the Halloween episode. She's not letting that slow her roll, though. In fact, the "Red Sangria" singer is pumping up the jam with the release of her latest single "Stop This Feeling."

"Stop This Feeling" comes out of the gate swinging with a synth bass rumble and hand claps that set the rhythm flowing in a disco-like direction slightly reminiscent of Michael Jackson's Off The Wall era. Jordin's vocal soon follows as she tries to describe her infatuation with a man that's ruling her mind. The groove soon picks up to fever-pitch as the guitar, horns and drums are picked up into the mix before the jubilant chorus.

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"I can't stop this feelin' / If it's even for a minute / I'm tryna be tame," she sings over the pulsating rhythm. "Please don't stop this feelin' / If it's even for a minute / Boy, it won't be the same / 'Cause you're еverything."

It's rare to get something so upbeat from the singer, who's perhaps best known for ballads like "No Air" and mid-tempos like "Tattoo." However, "Stop This Feeling" finds the singer holding her own on a dance floor-ready jam that's sure to get folks moving. Heed her call and get ready to boogie when you press play.

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