Fana Hues Continues To Bloom On 'flora + fana (deluxe)'

Photo Credit: Fana Hues/Spotify

SoCal songbird Fana Hues is having a big year. Following the release of her second album flora + fana earlier this year, she went on tours with fellow singer-songwriters Raveena and Giveon before recently headlining her own show at The Echo in Los Angeles. This summer, she teamed up with R&B duo THEY. for their single “Comfortable” and was recently tapped by SoundCloud to be a part of their Scenes: SoCal Soul mini-documentary. Now, the artist gifts her adoring fanbase with the deluxe edition of flora + fana. The lush and lovely project continues along her journey through the evolution of love and life, ultimately arriving at a place of resilience and contentment.

Hues' flora + fana (deluxe) comes with three new tracks joining lead single “wild horses” and “breakfast,” which she performed on COLORS. There's the heartbreak anthem “yours” and a cover of the Stevie Wonder classic “never dreamed you’d leave in summer.‎” The trio of new additions is rounded out by the song “float,” accompanied by a performance video directed by Henry R. Jones II.

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Though these tracks are aligned with her theme of navigating her way through heartbreak, she was intentional about offering a contrast. “I focused on building a lush sonic world with beds of harmonies and layered production on flora + fana; I wanted to dial it down and return to sweet simplicity for the deluxe,” she explained to IMPRINT Entertainment

If you've been sleeping on Fana Hues, let this be your wake-up call. Listen to flora + fana (deluxe) and feast your eyes on the colorful visualizer for “float” below. Add the album to your collection from your digital music provider of choice and stay tuned for more from Fana in the near future.

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