dvsn Just Want That Old Thing Back In 'Don't Take Your Love'

Photo Credit: dvsn/YouTube

The gentlemen of dvsn want to rekindle the flame that they doused on "Don't Take Your Love," the third single from their brand-new album Working On My Karma and the latest to get a music video.

Filmed on location in their hometown of Toronto, Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 decided to take it back to where it all began for them in the clip. As a matter of fact, Daley literally returned to his roots in the scenes filmed outside of an apartment building surrounded by his tribe.

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"Took it back to my old block for this one...4675 MS Blockz stand up," he captioned a post on his personal Instagram page. "Alotta Scarborough real ones in this ifykyk 💯 definitely found out I could sing on one those balconies lol."

That bit of nostalgia ties in with the song's theme of reminiscing about a love that once was that Daniel hopes will be again after he's done begging and pleading. We watch as he drives solo around the city and has a concert in his car, singing his heart out. When he's not riding around in his feelings or hanging with the homies, he appears in the studio with the elusive Nineteen85 who gets some screentime.

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Also sharing the screen with the fellas are a couple of women who we assume are the ones who the guys are trying to win back. They're filmed in their respective homes just chilling, deep in thought and otherwise minding their business.

Press play below to watch "Don't Take Your Love" to see if dvsn are able to rekindle any flames or if there are no sparks left.

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