Chlöe & Latto Aren't Here For The Games In 'For The Night'

Photo Credit: Chlöe/Instagram

While we patiently await Chlöe's solo debut album, the singles keep coming. For her latest, the songstress connects with rapstress Latto on "For The Night" where she expresses her desire for more from a situationship but is tired of the games and broken promises she gets instead.

According to Chlöe, "For The Night" was inspired by true events with rapper Gunna, who she collaborated with on the song "you & me" earlier this year. On the track, she sings about a man with whom she shared intimacy and has history, but she needs more time and attention and less shenanigans from him.

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"I ask myself why we can't be closer / I played those same games a thousand times over / And you crave those long nights / With me, oh don't ya / You can leave your guard at the door / And let me love you for the night," Chlöe sings on the chorus.

As she's known to do, Latto brings her big energy to her verse, and sums up the song with her final bar. "You can have this for the night or for your life," she raps to let homeboy know that she can be here for a good time and a long time if he plays his cards right – and doesn't play her.

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Chlöe teams up with Shermay Joh to co-direct the "For The Night" music video. The clip begins with the singer on Facetime with her boo, played by social media personality Druski. He's acting real funny style, though, and Chlöe decides to cut the convo short and return to rehearsals with her dancers.

After some quick, slick choreography and a scene with sad Chlöe singing to her reflection in the mirror, the camera follows her back to her hotel room. By now, her sadness turns to anger as she scrolls through Instagram and sees all these women on his timeline. She is seething as she gets ready for her performance and arrives at the outdoor venue fully in her feels.

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Latto runs into Chlöe backstage, and she shares just how twisted this guy has her. That scene segues into Big Latto rapping and Chlöe shaking off the drama to deliver her performance in front of a festival crowd of thousands. That positive energy is just what she needs to take her mind off of any foolishness. When she later returns to her hotel room where she is greeted with a tired bunch of flowers, she wastes no time throwing them – and, by default, this situationship – in the trash.

Chlöe has done it again with "For The Night." At this point, she's released a solid EP's worth of new music since making a big splash with "Have Mercy" in September 2021. There's no word on when Chlöe's debut album will finally be released, but with her momentum and material, we suspect it won't be long.

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