Austin Brown Is Playing With 'Fire'

Photo Credit: Austin Brown/Instagram

Austin Brown remains a busy, busy boy. He's still lending his talents in production to his peers — the most recent contribution being Jamila Woods' newest single "Boundaries" — but he's also back on his own solo steez as well. We got a peek at where his art is at this past summer when he dropped off his single "Laylow," a reggae-influenced cut about escaping the worries of the world. Now he's back on the block with new track "Fire."

"Fire" also takes on a reggae-influence, with a delicate, ghostly guitar line rubbing against ticking drums to create an almost-sensual tension. That's an appropriate feeling, since the song is all about being drawn to the flame of a toxic lover.

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"It's like playing with fire / And I do / A burning desire / And I wanna sit next to everything we do," Austin sings as the track smolders like the wick of a candle almost at its end. Austin realizes how lethal this flame can be. However, it doesn't seem that he'll have enough willpower to resist and will most likely be burned by its heat in the end.

"Fire" is a slow burn of a track that's sure to resonate with those of us who enjoy the thrill of getting dangerously close to an open flame. Listen to Austin Brown once again deliver yet another jam to us when you press play below.

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