Adi Oasis & KIRBY Encourage A Friend To Kick An 'Adonis' To The Curb

Photo Credit: Kendall Bessent | Folajimi

We all have moments when we don’t feel our best. Whether brought on by a bad mood, a bad day or a bad relationship, there are times when we can all use a less-than-gentle reminder of just how truly dope we are. Lucky for us, singer, songwriter, bassist and producer Adi Oasis is making sure we get the memo with her latest single “Adonis.”

Described as an “intervention from your girlfriend,” Oasis teams up with fellow funk star KIRBY, and the result is a lively anthem for anyone who needs to pull themselves together and keep it moving from a toxic relationship. Over the Nightshade-produced track laced with a groovy bass line and vibrant horns, the ladies take turns talking some good sense into their good sis. “Toxic love is just a bad habit, tell him / Breaking up ain’t lonely for a bad b*tch / Toxic love is just a bad habit, tell him / If it ain’t working, don’t work it, baby,” they declare on the chorus, encouraging her to cut that zero. 

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Adi’s latest offering plays on the fact that it's sometimes hard to get out of your own way, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart. She explained in an interview with Mixmag, "It’s that conversation we’ve all had at some point when your girl tells you, 'It’s time.' The relationship is toxic, but somehow, you're still hoping that maybe just this once he will change. This is when you need a girlfriend to remind you that 'YOU'RE A BAD B***H!' and you deserve better."

She noted her collaboration with KIRBY as a “dream” and shared, "I've been a huge fan of KIRBY's for a while, and I knew I had to have her on my album. She's such an amazing writer. We wanted to speak our truths from the perspective of two young Black women who get insecure sometimes, because we all do. So, we wanted to share this story with our sisters to let them know that they are not alone.” We can’t think of anyone better to sound the horn that shakes us out of the abyss of unworthiness than two baddies who unapologetically exude their strength and beauty.

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If you're stuck on stupid with a toxic partner and need a reminder of exactly who you are, let Adi Oasis and KIRBY get you right together when you listen to "Adonis" and sing along to all the lyrics via the lyric visual below. Whenever you need a reminder, add the track to your playlists from your preferred digital music platform and give it a spin or 10.

For more Adi Oasis, SoulBouncers across North America can grab tickets now to catch her live on her spring tour, which kicks off March 15, 2023 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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