Tiara Thomas Wants To Run The Show On 'Don't Talk Back'

Photo Credit: Tiara Thomas/Instagram

Oscar and GRAMMY Award-winning singer-songwriter Tiara Thomas has been keeping a rather low profile as of late. But that doesn't mean that she hasn't been cooking up things in the studio. She gives us some of the fruit of that labor with the release of her newest single "Don't Talk Back."

"Don't Talk Back" finds Tiara taking charge in the bedroom, flipping the roles on her lover. Over the unexpectedly smooth beat that has just enough bump to keep things interesting, Tiara gets straight to business with her opening lines. "Obviously this what you been waiting for / Bet I'll be on your lips before you say some more / I know that you're used to being in control / But I'ma take off all your clothes / Don't talk back," she commands.

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Things get even more intimate over the course of the track's two minutes, with her making demands and describing exactly what she wants to do and where. But perhaps the sexiest portion of the song is the simple chorus, on which she repeatedly coos, "Don't talk back." Just when the groove is getting particularly heated, it's soon over and leaving us begging for more (which is probably exactly how she wants it).

"Don't Talk Back" might only be a short time, but Tiara Thomas and her sweet harmonies definitely make sure that it's a good time. Take a listen to her latest when you press play.

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