Sidibe Wants To Be 'Everywhere You Go'

Photo Credit: Sidibe/Twitter

A love song from Sidibe is always a welcome treat. The songstress has a way with romantic words that sticks with you long after the final notes are played. She proved that earlier this year when she dropped her Diamond In The Desert EP. With us in the last stretch of 2022, she offers another loving musical embrace with her latest single "Everywhere You Go."

"Everywhere You Go" follows in the vein of the material that Sidibe released on the EP. The production goes with a similar palette of guitar, synth and strings while keeping things decidedly mid-tempo. That pace is perfect for the song's message, which finds her pledging to be there for someone every step of the way.

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"I'm with you everywhere you go / And I wish I could give you everything I know," she sings on the chorus. "You may get lost along the way / And I wanted you to know / I'll be there when you call my name / Everywhere you go."

The reassuring sentiment can be an expression of love to anyone, romantic or otherwise. Perhaps that more general focus is what caused this one to be the "lost track" from the more romance-focused Diamond In The Desert. Still, it lives up to the standard of quality that she set for the songs that did make the cut. It also makes us wonder what other songs from the sessions she has tucked away in her vault. Do we hear a Diamond In The Desert deluxe edition on the horizon?

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Whether this is a one-off treat for fans or the seed of something else in the works, we're just happy for a chance at another listen to the brilliance that is Sidibe. You will be, too, when you press play.

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