Sebastian Mikael Explores Different Types Of Love On 'PHILEO'

Photo Credit: Sebastian Mikael/Spotify

Ever since he announced his new EP PHILEO, Sebastian Mikael has had fans anxious for its release. While the lead single “Overgold” sent us straight to the dance floor, his COLORS performance of “Scene 1” served as a sexy prelude to what was to come. Now that we have our hands on the full six-track project, it certainly lives up to expectations.

PHILEO starts off on a smooth, spacy note with “Sky” featuring Alabama-bred rapper Pink Siifu. They take us way beyond the blue yonder to a place where everything slows to a steady tempo and things of true importance come into focus. A brief skit follows with #MoodGod Tubbs Krueger asking the age-old question of whether love truly exists, just before we turn up and transition to a smooth two-step with “Overgold.”

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Things then shift to a sexier realm on “Scene 1” as Sebastian paints a picture of a game of cat-and-mouse, though things play out much differently in private. We see another side of him on “Security Code,” where he’s ready to put his player ways aside and settle down. Over the mid-tempo groove he declares, “I will change for you, all of my ways for you / Give you my phone with no security code / Turn off the songs for you, but that’s not all I’d do / I wanna give it all to you.” The groove continues throughout the outro, as Tubbs pops up once again to detail his definition of love and its importance in every aspect of our lives.

Though the title refers to the Greek term for “brotherly love,” the entire EP just feels good as it explores all aspects of love. PHILEO is the ideal soundtrack for cuffing season activities with bae or kicking back with the crew. Whatever your pleasure, Sebastian Mikael’s got you.

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