Russell Taylor Wants To Pretend Just A Little While Longer With 'White Lies'

Photo Credit: Mikael Aaron

Our main man Russell Taylor has been on one this year with a consistent stream of singles. Back in February, he turned up the heat with his song "Cherry." He then got even steamier when he dropped off "Show Me" back in July. Now that we're winding down the year, the singer-songwriter returns with his third single of 2022, "White Lies."

"White Lies" continues the evolution of his sound, with Taylor embracing more pop elements while still crafting a solid R&B sound. The song's melody is composed mostly of synths and accentuated with hard-hitting drums anchoring the rhythm. It sets up a showcase for Russell's vocal as he sings about a side of love that isn't always addressed.

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The track is all about the small lies we tell ourselves that make us stay in relationships longer than we should. The verses find Russell singing about the ways emotions color situations to make them seem better than they actually were. He acknowledges, however, that it's all one big collection of lies that prevent them from facing the truth.

"Little white lies / We keep on tellin' / Perfection's just a dream," he sings on the chorus. "Little white lies / Keep us together / If life can let us be." Though he sings of living outside of the truth on the track, the slight melancholy that tinges everything lets us know that this house of cards will eventually collapse.

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"White Lies" matches up to the quality and sound of his two previous singles and, as always, has us wanting to hear more. Get into the latest from Russell Taylor when you press play below.

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