Ravyn Lenae Holds Us Closer With An Alternate Take Of 'Skin Tight'

Photo Credit: Ravyn Lenae/YouTube

Ravyn Lenae has had us under her spell since the release of her hypnotic debut HYPNOS this past May. With nearly six months passing since, the songstress has still found ways to keep our attention. Just last week, she was at COLORS Studios to give a thrilling rendition of "Inside Out." Now she's revisiting the album's Steve Lacy-featuring lead single "Skin Tight" with an even dreamier alternate take.

The original version of the song, about a love that only lasts a fleeting moment, already had an intimate quality thanks to airy production and Ravyn's feathery vocals, which floated along the synth flourishes and river of heavy bass quite nicely.

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This new version strips away the bass and drums completely. This is an unconventional choice, for sure, but doing so allows for more layers to the song. Flute, harp, strings and other instruments fill in the space where those other elements were, making the soundscape feel almost orchestral. Ravyn's vocal is the only constant here, though she does change up her delivery here to fit the new version's mood. That includes adding a few more ad-libs in the mix and bringing her backing vocals a bit more to the forefront so that the harmonies sound fuller and more realized.

We're not saying that this new alternate take is better, but we do love that we are treated to even more of Ravyn Lenae because of it. Join us in basking in the warm glow of "Skin Tight (Alternate)" via the stream below and then stay put to watch the singer roam through the forest on a loop in the song's visualizer.

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