Pip Millett Offers One More Preview Of Her Debut Album With 'Only Love'

Photo Credit: Cal McIntyre

Pip Millett has been causing a stir for quite some time. Now the time has come for her to show us all she has to offer when her debut When Everything Is Better, I'll Let You Know arrives this week. The British songstress has already given us plenty to listen to with singles "Heal," "Downright," "Slow" and "Walk Away." Now with the release looming, Pip drops off a final listen before its arrival with the ballad "Only Love."

"Only Love" has simple composition, with only guitar and drums aiding Pip in laying down her emotions on the track. The rest is all her as she gets real with herself about the whys and hows of what she's feeling.

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"I'm opening my heart for you / I wanna let you in / This is only the beginning / I don't know if it will end," she sings on the opening verse. "I don't know if I am ready / But I'm willing just to try / I don't wanna miss it." The chorus of the song then finds her reminding herself that there's nothing to truly be afraid of, with her repeating, "It's only love / Baby, it's only love."

Though it's a simple sentiment, Pip Millett makes it work for her in a big way thanks to her talent and her natural ability to make even the simple sound rich and complex. We're looking forward to hearing more of her talent when When Everything Is Better, I'll Let You Know arrives this Friday, October 21st. Listen to the talented Miss Millett in action on "Only Love" when you press play below.

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