Pink Sweat$ & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Want To 'Lay Up N' Chill'

Photo Credit: Pink Sweat$/Instagram

Pink Sweat$ hasn't let up on us at all over the past two years. Back in February 2021, he blessed us with his debut set Pink Planet only to follow it up less than a year later with his EP Pink Moon. He's also got a habit of releasing more than a few singles. He continues in that tradition by dropping of his latest, the A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie-featuring "Lay Up N' Chill."

"Lay Up N' Chill" fits in line with Pink Sweat$' sensibilities. The production drifts on a river of synth and subtle drums that tick the time away. The instrumentation never reaches a crescendo, opting instead to lull the listener into a sense of calm as it coasts along.

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Pink Sweat$, meanwhile, has only the simple goal of getting closer with his lady. "I just wanna lay up and chill / Sippin' on that Rosé really get you in your feels / I just wanna stay up all night / Starin' in your eyes, take a deep dive in your mind," he sings on the chorus. "I know at my worst, you gon' ride for me / Even when it hurts, I know you'd die for me / I always put you first 'cause you're my everything / You're my everything / And I'll do the worst for your love."

While the singer is getting lovey-dovey, A Boogie is speaking on some possible relationship tension. However, by the end of his 16, things are resolved as Pink Sweat$ returns on the chorus to smooth everything over one last time.

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"Lay Up N' Chill" is a nice romantic moment from Pink Sweat$ and might be the perfect opener on a playlist for a romantic rendezvous. Listen to it for yourself when you press play.

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