Kelela Takes Us To A Rave For Her 'Happy Ending'

Photo Credit: Kelela/YouTube

Though we are glad to have her back in our lives, we weren't expecting Kelela to break her five-year hiatus when she dropped her recent single "Washed Away." Now that we have her back, however, we don't want her to leave. It looks like we don't have to worry about her disappearing again for a while, though, as she's following up her "ambient heart-check" by giving us a song for the clubs with new single "Happy Ending."

"Happy Ending," which is produced by LSDXOXO, taps into the rave culture of the late '90s and early 2000s. The producer pairs a breakneck drum beat with spacy synth sounds that echo throughout the song's four-minute runtime. Kelela, meanwhile, uses the track to address a potential lover who she wants more of.

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"We're too far away / I'm leaning onto writings on the wall / And if you don't run away / Could be a happy ending after all," she sings on the chorus. "It's deeper than fantasy."

The song's video takes us even deeper into the rave. Lo-fi imagery reminiscent of VHS recordings shows us partygoers in what appears to be an underground club. They're moving to the music while rocking retro 'fits that seem straight out of the party culture of the '90s — neon colors, short shorts, fishnet tops and chokers abound.

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The belle of this particular ball is Kelela, of course, who looks stunning in a gold two-piece outfit and a hairstyle that combines draped blonde bangs in the front with a blonde buzzcut in the back. It's all pitch perfect and matches the vibe of the song excellently.

With Kelela back and in a sharing mood, we are anxious to see what other songs and sounds she has in her bag. While we wait to find out, listen to a stream of "Happy Ending" and watch its video below.

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