FKJ Creates A Musical Masterpiece Live At 'COLORS' Studios Just For 'Us'

Photo Credit: COLORS/Instagram

FKJ is a musical magician. He's been making masterpieces for us to listen to for quite some time, with his album V I N C E N T a testament to his talents. He's been promoting the set ever since it dropped back in June, and he continues that effort with a mesmerizing appearance for COLORS.

FKJ brought out his track "Us" for the occasion. Though, unlike most who simply sing to a recording of the song, FKJ built the track up layer by layer for the occasion. It's a talent that he's showcased many times over — like he did for his Masego collaboration "Tadow" — but it's still magnificent to witness each time it occurs.

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The multi-instrumentalist starts the song with drum machine and piano to set the mood. After laying down those base tracks, he then moves on to lay down the song's jazzy saxophone into the mix to give it a sexy sway. He isn't done just yet, though, as he puts in his vocals, a little more sax and some guitar to sweeten the pot even more. What's created is a beauty of a song that most definitely resonates.

More gems like "Us" can be found on V I N C E N T, which you can pick up via Bandcamp right now if you haven't already done so. But before you do that, watch him work his magic for COLORS when you press play below.

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