Eric Bellinger Shares His Latest 'Obsession'

Photo Credit: Eric Bellinger/YouTube

Eric Bellinger has been a busy boy this year. He started 2022 with his Vibes On Vibes Tour in March and has been part of some of the year's biggest musical moments (including supporting Usher during his viral appearance on NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert series). The singer-songwriter isn't stopping to rest, though. He's back in the saddle with Hitmaka once again as the two prepare to release their second joint album 1-800-Hit-Eazy: Line 2 and the set's lead single "Obsession."

"Obsession" travels into heartbroken R&B ballad territory, with Eric singing to the lady he misses with the passion of a man who just can't get enough of her love. "It's an obsession / Just a reflection of things we both know / I can't let you go," he sings on the chorus as slow-paced guitar and drums round out the song's sound. "It seems like, all of the seconds feel like minutes/ All of the hours feel like days, don't be too long / And don't take it wrong, it's an obsession."

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The song's video takes the heartbreak even further as Eric plays a lovelorn artist whose work all seems focused on the one that got away. We're taken on a tour of his studio and his memories as he croons through his pain. The fact that she's the subject of all his art — whether it be photography or paintings — tells us just how hard he's taking their split. However, it's amplified even more at the video's end as he actually leaves home to possibly make a grand romantic overture. We won't spoil what happens next, but let's just say that there probably won't be any vacancies at the heartbreak hotel.

Eric Bellinger and Hitmaka haven't revealed the release date of 1-800-Hit-Eazy: Line 2, but you can tuck into a stream of "Obsession" and the song's video below.

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