dvsn Are Ready To Drop New Album 'Working On My Karma' & Serve Up Third Single 'Don't Take Your Love'

Photo Credit: Nayquan Shuler

We've been on high alert for a new dvsn album for the past few months. Now the duo made up of singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 is granting fans' wishes with the announcement of their next album Working On My Karma coupled with the release of their new single "Don't Take Your Love."

dvsn started the rollout for Working On My Karma in July when they dropped the controversial single "If I Get Caught" co-produced by Nineteen85, Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox. The toxic R&B song was a rare miss for the normally dynamic duo. Thankfully they bounced back a few weeks ago with its follow-up "What's Up." Produced by the same trio, the more palatable track featured Jagged Edge's soulful harmonies and gave listeners more of '90s R&B feels they love, need and want.

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For the third sample from their upcoming album, the fellas switch it up again on "Don't Take Your Love." Produced by Dupri and Nineteen85, "Don't Take Your Love" is centered around a head-noddable, throwback soul-sounding sample and Daley trying to make things right with his girl with begging that would make Keith Sweat proud.

"If I Get Caught," "What's Up" and "Don't Take Your Love" are three of the 12 songs that will find a home on Working On My Karma, which will be executive produced by Jermaine Dupri. Each song on the collection represents a chapter to, "a story about love, regret and the potential emotions that can arise after acting on ego," according to press materials. 

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We look forward to hearing how dvsn's relationship-centric narrative plays out, how the project comes together as a whole and how the album stands up against their previous releases. We won't have to wait long, as Working On My Karma will be released on OVO Sound/Warner Records on Friday, October 28th. View the album's tracklist after you listen to the three singles below.

dvsn Working In My Karma tracklist:

1. Last Time
2. Bring It
3. If I Get Caught
4. Stay Faithful
5. What's Up feat. Jagged Edge
6. Don't Take Your Love
7. Hatin
8. Policy
9. Take It Slow
10. Daniel's Interlude
11. Tired
12. Get Even

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