Doechii Does 'ELLE' Magazine's 'Song Association'

Photo Credit: ELLE/YouTube

Doechii is so "Persuasive," and it turns out that she's pretty good at playing ELLE's "Song Association," too. The singer/rapper sat down to test her music memory with the glossy magazine for their fun word game. Like those who've played before her, she was given 15 words one by one and tasked with singing a song with each word in the lyrics within 10 seconds.

Before the game started, Doechii broke ELLE off with a short rap to introduce herself. She also admitted to being a "Song Association" addict, having watched every single episode, and was convinced that she'd do amazing. After some vocal warmups, she jumped right in with a song, a rap or both a song and a rap for most of the words she was given.

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The word "bad" immediately brought Michael Jackson's song of the same name to mind. The word "ruled" tripped her up, but she bounced back like a champ. She pulled recent tracks by Nicki Minaj, Drake, City Girls, Lizzo and SZA out of her bag and even dug in her mental crates to remember songs by Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears, Erykah Badu featuring Andre 3000, Rihanna and Keyshia Cole when she sang "Love" and hilariously missed every note.

Of course, the producers threw her a softball with the word "persuasive," and Doechii happily sang her jam of a lead single. Throughout the game, she shared tidbits about her music, spoke about her debut EP on TDE, she/her/black b***h, and made it clear that she's a voice for dark-skinned Black women.

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Despite only missing one word and scoring a 14 out of 15, Doechii thought she did poorly in the end. We beg to differ. Watch our fave conquer "Song Association" below.

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