D Smoke & Davion Farris Are Never Gonna 'Switch Up'

Photo Credit: D Smoke/Instagram

Always known for keeping their kinship first, D Smoke and Davion Farris keep it all in the family for their new single “Switch Up.” The blood brothers raise the importance of remaining authentic as they continue to conquer their respective rap and R&B lanes.

Over the thumping D.K. The Punisher-produced track, D Smoke spits hot fire throughout while Davion sprinkles in his vocals. “I don’t ever switch up, but I’m for sure gon’ grow / It’s bout that bigger picture, watch how this rose gon’ grow," Smoke raps about his glow up minus any switching up on the chorus, which ends with Farris crooning, "Watch me go high / Watch me go high.”  

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At a time when it seems folks will do anything for fame and/or fortune, the realness of this latest release is welcomed while serving as a word of caution. D Smoke explained to Remixd Magazine, “'Switch Up' is a record about staying down through odd circumstances. Sometimes people need to know to follow their heart when it’s hard to see the bigger picture.”

Davion echoed this sentiment. “(It’s) meant to highlight the importance of staying true to yourself, no matter the situation. To remind us that being your truest self is the key to doing whatever you set out to do,” he shared.

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Take heed and listen to D Smoke and Davion Farris’ “Switch Up” below. If you somehow haven’t already, be sure to run Davion’s Moved EP and revisit D Smoke’s previous single "El Rey," a bilingual ode to Mexican Independence Day. 

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