Coco Jones Is In Need Of Intensive Love And Care On 'ICU' & Hints At Possible Project

Photo Credit: Coco Jones/Instagram

Coco Jones is a talent that we just can't deny. While we've known of her vocal abilities since she was a Disney child star, the singer/actress has been coming into her own as of late while delivering stellar turns on tracks like "Caliber" and "Love Is War." Now she's charming us for the third time this year with the release of her new single "ICU."

"ICU" finds Coco back in ballad territory as she turns to DJ Camper for production duties. He gifts her with a beautifully rendered sound bed full of piano, guitar and slow-but-steady drums. It's a setup that a voice like the singer's can stretch and play. That's exactly what she does, too, taking us from contemplative lows to emotional highs throughout the song's four minutes.

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The verses find her trying to figure out what exactly it is about her lover that's got her so hooked. While the backing vocals helplessly sigh, Coco lists the ways he imprints himself on her psyche and why they should just be friends. We all know that's not a promise that can be kept, as she exemplifies on the song's chorus.

"You've got a feeling, a soul, that I need in my life, babe / And though we may grow, I don't know why we don't grow apart, babe," she wails. "Maybe I need you / I breathe you, turnin' my heart blue / Maybe I need you / When I leave you, I see you, oh."

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We know that we definitely need more of Coco Jones and we might just get our wish. The singer previewed a video for "ICU" on her official Instagram profile in combination with the single's release. She also linked to her finsta, which is pretty sparse outside of a few pictures and a bio reading "What I didn't tell you." We don't know about you guys, but we sense that sis might be hinting at a new project (perhaps a follow-up EP to 2019's H.D.W.Y.).

Hopefully, Coco will let us in on her little secret soon. Until then, listen to the gifted vocalist pour her heart out on "ICU" when you press play below.

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