Bryson Tiller Invites Us 'Outside' With A Sleek Music Video

Photo Credit: Bryson Tiller/YouTube

It seems like the early 2000s are next in line to be mined by the culture's obsession with nostalgia. While we don't necessarily think that's a good thing, it does mean that we get to see hallmarks of that era reinterpreted by the next generation. That happened when Bryson Tiller sampled the Ying Yang Twins' 2005 classic "Wait (The Whisper Song)" for his latest single "Outside." Now he's bringing those same vibes to the song's video.

Bryson doesn't necessarily recreate the "Wait (The Whisper Song)" music video, but he does borrow a few elements here and there. It starts with him standing between the Ying Yang Twins themselves before we get to the real heart of the visual. A cornucopia of beautiful women surrounds Bryson throughout the length of the clip. They're there to strike alluring poses and circle him as he sings. They also help him recreate one of the key visuals from "Wait": Bryson whispering game into their ear while they give an amused reaction on their faces.

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The clip isn't exactly reinventing the wheel, but it is entertaining. It also successfully shows that Bryson Tiller has sex symbol potential, as his sly looks and nods to the camera are sure to turn a head or catch an eye or two.

Watch Bryson Tiller in action when you check out the visual for "Outside" below.

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