Beyoncé Takes Us To Club Renaissance For Tiffany & Co. In 'LOSE YOURSELF IN LOVE'

Photo Credit: Tiffany & Co./YouTube

What do we do with a problem like Beyoncé? We jammed to her RENAISSANCE all summer long and we see no signs of that stopping anytime soon. However, in a rare feat, the star has yet to release any type of visual from the set outside of a brief teaser for "I'M THAT GIRL" that possibly gives us glimpses of other videos to come. She continues that tease while flexing her partnership with Tiffany & Co. with the film short LOSE YOURSELF IN LOVE.

The minute-long clip takes us into a club setting reminiscent of the famed New York nightclub Studio 54, complete with a larger-than-life disco ball and plenty of glitterati busting a move on the dance floor. Beyoncé enters the scene and stops the show, as she is wont to do, while glittering in jewels and literally letting her hair down. She offers the crowd an impromptu concert in the midst of the disco madness before busting out this era's signature sequin-covered horse as she sends the crowd into an even bigger frenzy.

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With her dropping such an exciting tidbit, we truly hope that the visuals from the album soon come. Beyoncé, we need them! Until the reigning queen of the dance floor deems us worthy to bestow those gems upon us, this spot will have to do. Check it out when you press play below.

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