Avery*Sunshine Declares 'Don't Count Me Out' & Spices It Up With A Remix By The APX

Photo Credit: Avery Sunshine

Avery*Sunshine knows that relationships take work. The happily married singer, songwriter, musician and makeup mogul is willing to put in the work, especially when she knows she's in the wrong and has to make things right as heard on her latest single "Don't Count Me Out."

Co-written with her hubby Dana Johnson and Daniel Moore, Avery has to smooth things out in her relationship that's hit a rough patch of her doing. Over a soulful sound bed of organ, bass and live drums that sounds like it was plucked straight out of Al Green's songbook, Sunshines assures her beloved that she's still in love.

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"Baby, don't count me out / Cause I still love ya / And there's no doubt," Avery earnestly sings. She realizes that she hasn't been the best partner but blames it on her head and not her heart. She takes accountability for her actions as she admits, "I know I've been mean and unkind / And so very very far out of my mind."

The original version of the song is a mid-tempo groove tailor-made for a smooth two-step or line dance. If you really want to shake a tailfeather, though, Avery*Sunshine has got you covered with a slick house remix courtesy of The APX.

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On "Don't Count Me Out (The APX Remix)," the Bounce-Worthy husband and wife duo hook Avery up with a remix meant to get you on the dance floor – and with a runtime of almost eight minutes, it'll keep you there. The tempo and vibe of the song are changed with the addition of bongos and synths to the party. Avery's infectious vocals remain in the spotlight with the singer shining like a star on lead, backgrounds and ad-libs that you'll find yourself singing along with while you break out into a soul clap.

"Don't Count Me Out" is the latest single from Avery*Sunshine's most recent album Four Songs & A Bootleg. Released this past July, the project featured four brand-new tracks and a "bootleg" that consisted of seven live recordings. The album is a soul-filled good time. If you haven't listened to it yet, let this be your cue to start now. Four Songs & A Bootleg is available to stream on all of your favorite digital music services.

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