Adi Oasis Shares Words Of Wisdom On ’Get It Got It’

Photo Credit: Kendall Bessent

If you could go back in time and send a message to your future self, what would it be? Musician-singer Adi Oasis (the artist formerly known as Adeline) answers that question on her latest single “Get It Got It.”

The single finds Adi penning a letter from her younger self to her current self, providing the extra push and encouragement that we all might need from time to time. Fueled by her signature bass, the song is a warm and rich ode to staying true to oneself while reaching for the stars.

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While she makes sure to show present-day Adi grace, she does so with a firm push as she reminds herself to not be afraid to stand up for herself. “This ain’t the time to say nothing / Speak on it right now while you can / Cause closed lips don’t get fed,” she sings.

The accompanying lyric video matches the warmth of the song, featuring photos of young Adi and her family. The photos provide a personal look at the young girl at the heart of the song who has yet to have her dreams dampened by the harsh spotlight of reality.

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Produced by Nightshade, “Get It Got It” is the follow-up to Adi’s duet with Jamila Woods“Red To Violet,” which dropped back in August. Although it’s yet to be announced if the tracks are part of a larger project, Adi is already taking her show on the road with a European tour that’s set to kick off in London in less than a week before making stops in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm and her hometown of Paris. While we can only hope she’ll be bringing her funky live show back stateside after the holidays, we’ll be more than happy to run “Get It Got It” on repeat until then.

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