Adele Sets Afloat On A River Of Her Own Thoughts In 'I Drink Wine'

Photo Credit: Adele/YouTube

It's hard to believe that nearly an entire year has passed since Adele dropped her most recent album 30. The set, which arrived last November, hit with the same kind of impact that her previous albums have had. However, there haven't been many videos from the set — with the only official clips coming for lead single "Easy On Me" and follow-up "Oh My God." She aims to make up for that with a visual for "I Drink Wine."

The clips finds the singer floating down a river in a gorgeously sequined gold dress (which happens to be the same dress she wore while singing the song at this year's Brit Awards). As she floats down a lazy river with wine glass and bottle in hand, she sees scenes that reflect the lyrics she's singing.

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Adele's glass remains full throughout as she stares at different people along the river, including a fisherman played by Insecure star Kendrick Sampson who becomes somewhat of a love interest before getting whisked away with the current. Eventually, she is surrounded by synchronized swimmers who make formations around her in beautifully shot scenes that help illustrate her emotional state in the song.

As the video comes to a close, the behind-the-scenes magic of it all is revealed as the camera pans out to reveal the soundstage and extras that helped make the produciton possible. It's all artfully executed and perhaps one of the best visuals that Adele has put together.

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Watch the diva as she sets afloat in the clip below.

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