Yazmin Lacey Puts The 'Pieces' Of Her Heart Back Together

Photo Credit: Yazmin Lacey/Instagram

Break-ups are never easy. Whether you were blindsided, or you finally found the strength to walk away, the dismantling of a relationship that once meant everything can be daunting. Though the bitter pill of a romantic breakdown is hard to swallow, moving on is often necessary and may lead to personal evolution. Following the end of a relationship in her own life, singer-songwriter Yazmin Lacey channels her pain through her latest release, “Pieces.”

Her first single in two years, the Dave Okumu-produced track captures her transition from grief to gratitude over moody keys and passionate horns. “Take all the pieces of me that you fell in love with / I’ll do the same, this was never in vain,” she resolutely sings.

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Described as an “open goodbye letter,” Yazmin penned the lyrics after moving out of the home she once shared with her former flame. In an attempt to regain her footing, she retreated to music and planned a session with pianist Sarah Tandy. Feelings she once found difficult to put into words flowed freely as poured her heart into "Pieces." As music often does, the song soon became a source of her healing. Yazmin explains, “‎It’s turning heartbreak into hope, a thank you to a love that was.”

Listen to Yazmin Lacey’s “Pieces” and watch the mesmerizing lyric video below. For anyone who needs something new for their life after love playlists, add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform

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