Snakehips & Tinashe Slow Things Down On 'Who's Gonna Love You Tonight'

Photo Credit: Snakehips/Instagram

Usually, when we see the name Snakehips, we expect a head-nod worthy cut or a fast-paced club track engineered to make us move. This time around, though, it seems like the duo wants to move us instead. They've teamed once again with Tinashe, whom they last collaborated with on the 2015 cut "All My Friends," to hit us right in the feels with their new track "Who's Gonna Love You Tonight."

A spacy piano and floating synths provide most of the melody for this one, accompanied by hard-hitting drums that add a woozy, off-center feel to the affair. But the true star of the story is Tinashe's lovelorn vocal. She sings of a love that's past although she shows signs of not truly being over how it all went down while observing that her lover might have already moved on.

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"Who's gonna love you tonight? / And who's gonna turn off the lights? / Who's gonna tell you that you ain't just high? / Show you that you'll love this life / 'Cause you're one of a kind," she asks bitterly on the chorus. "Who's gonna love you tonight? / And who's gonna catch your vibe / And tell you that you'll be alright? / Show you what love looks likе / 'Cause I know her type."

This one doesn't match the party-starting vibe of the duo's previous single "All Around The World," but this reunion between Snakehips and Tinashe shows us that the producers can take on unexpected sounds just as effectively as their uptempo jams. We're sure they'll probably show more of that versatility when their debut album drops sometime next year. Until then, check out "Who's Gonna Love You Tonight" below.

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