Sevyn Streeter Shoots Her Shot & Doesn't Miss With '23'

Photo Credit: Sevyn Streeter/YouTube

Summer may be winding down, but it ain't over! There are still a few more hot days in our future and even hotter music to groove to before fall's arrival. Helping to heat things up is Sevyn Streeter, who brings us her first new music since last year's Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz with her latest single "23."

The song's title is, of course, a reference to Michael Jordan's jersey number, but she's evoking the hoops star in a very different way — though we'll get to that in a minute. We must first discuss the song itself, which finds the songstress tapping into her boastful side as she brags on the work she's put in to make her body and aura shine.

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"I been working out all summer for these pics / Milkshake, gettin’ thick / All this Pucci got this booty lookin’ big / B***h I’m one of one, eleven out of ten," she sings. "Is that your aura? B***h you glowin’." As for that Jordan reference, while she makes it clear that there isn't much these guys can do for her while she's on her grind, they can, "Give me that tongue, 23, Michael Jordan." Alrighty, then.

The video finds Sevyn showing us the product of all that hard work. She spends the entire clip in short skirts and midriff-baring tops that show off her enviable shape and curves. When she isn't posing and vamping it up for the camera, though, she and her girls are busting out tightly choreographed moves aimed to titillate and excite.

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It looks like Sevyn Streeter is stepping out hotter this year. Check her out when you listen to "23" right here and then watch the song's video below.

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