Ro James Lets His Imagination Run Wild In 'Be Mine'

Photo Credit: Ro James/YouTube

Ro James is full of surprises. This summer, he has released a succession of unexpected music videos from his 2020 effort MANTIC. There was "Too Much" featuring Miguel in July, "Touchy Feely" in August and, not to be outdone for September, he's brought us his latest, a visual for the album cut "Be Mine."

After getting us hot and bothered with "Touchy Feely," Ro turns the heat down a smidge in the clip for "Be Mine." Don't get it twisted, though, he still keeps it sensual for the song he co-wrote with its producer Salaam Remi. He turned to director S.Lambo to help him bring his sensual vision to life.

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We begin with a video within a video as we watch Ro sharing an intimate moment with a woman on the screen of an old television set. As the camera pans out in the dark room with graffiti on the walls, he pops from a prone position and starts reading a book. He's immediately engrossed in Ro-Mantic Vol. 1: Be Mine written by, you guessed it, Ro James while the music starts to play.

The scenes change as he turns the book's pages. We're transported to the scene initially seen on the TV screen. Ro is laying between his lady's legs while they have an outdoor picnic. In another scene, he's driving in a convertible through the galaxy with his girl laid back on the hood and windshield. Later in the clip, Ro's woman can't keep her hands off of him as they enjoy some private time bathed in flashing red and blue lights. The video switches back and forth between the different scenarios before it ends much like it began.

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All of these fresh videos from Ro for his old material are just a warm-up for what's next from the artist. "New music on di way!" he recently captioned a set of photographs from a visit to Pandora and SiriusXM on Instagram.

We don't know when Ro James plans to drop any new material – or that book he was reading – but we quite enjoy revisiting MANTIC and this visual walk down memory lane. Join us when you press play to watch "Be Mine" below.

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