Reel People & Muhsinah Are Open To Try 'Something New'

Photo Credit: Reel People Music

As cookout season draws to a close, some may already be looking ahead to another very important season. No, not autumn, but cuffing season, that wonderful time of the year when people start searching for someone to keep them warm during the chillier months. Muhsinah already has her eye on someone special and makes it known on Reel People’s latest, “Something New.”

In the song, Muhsinah spits her game to someone. However, this time, it’s someone from a different race. While she admits that she’s never dated anyone like him, she makes it known that she’s more than ready to try “Something New.” Despite their differences, she believes it was fate that drew them together. “I can’t believe how we found each other / It’s showing me love ain’t just one color,” she sings softly. The soulful house track combined with Muhsinah’s seductive delivery is sure to make this an offer her special someone can’t refuse.

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This isn’t just any old regular release for Reel People, however. “Something New” marks the 100th release on their Reel People Music imprint since its launch over 13 years ago. Oli LazarusMike Patto and Toni Economides, the forces behind the label and production team, deliver more of the smooth house mixes that have kept them in regular rotation since their inception over the years.

Perhaps the best part of the song is that it can be applied to any circumstance, whether your something new is of a different race, culture or same sex. At a time when the world could use a bit more love, this song will have you ready to reach out and find your “Something New” as well – or at the very least, it’ll lead you straight to dance floor. Hit play below, and see if Reel People and Muhsinah’s latest leaves you wanting to try something new to find something true. 

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