Ravyn Lenae Enlists Doechii To Tap Further Into Her 'Xtasy'

Photo Credit: Ravyn Lenae/Instagram

Ravyn Lenae is a fave here at SBHQ who recently dropped her debut album HYPNOS. Doechii is another SoulBounce fave who made waves with her single "Persuasive" and EP she/her/black b***h. What happens when the two creative forces collide? Pure ecstasy. Or, more specifically, a remix to Ravyn's Kaytranada-produced HYPNOS cut "Xstasy."

"Xtasy" was already a vibe thanks to Kaytra lacing Ravyn something serious with the warm, ambient groove that bubbled and bopped to a sensual rhythm. That sound bed is still present in the remix, with much of the singer's original take making the cut.

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What changes is the addition of the "Crazy" emcee. She's introduced winsomely by Ravyn, who harmonizes the rapper's name to announce her arrival. It doesn't take long for Doechii to get down to business, either. "Ecstasy you're next to me / No next p***y compared to me, no / Wet hurricane like it's Katrina / On one knee but I speak prenups / Don't avoid it, you're in my vortex door / Exploring inside my cervix," she rhymes. "F**k the morals, I just need your sex / Boy, pull over, I just need one sec."

Once Doechii is done having her say, the song devolves into just the groove and Ravyn's airy coos before dissipating like smoke in the air, leaving us all satisfied.

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Though this remix wasn't an expected one, we're very glad it came. Get your dose of "Xstasy" when you listen to the revamped track below.

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