Pip Millett Is Ready To Keep It Moving In 'Walk Away'

Photo Credit: Cal McIntyre

Whether rooted in our nature or triggered as a trauma response, there are certain traits that affect the way we consistently show up in relationships. Though some will never make the connection, others take note of such behaviors and are intentional about change. For her latest single “Walk Away,” Pip Millett owns her nurturing spirit and acknowledges that it isn’t always warranted or appreciated.

On "Walk Away," Pip vows to make her exit from a toxic relationship in the name of self-care and self-preservation. The Josh Crocker and Alex Goose-produced track’s Afrobeat energy lightens the melancholy mood of the lyrics. “Tired of giving all of me away, yeah / Save a little piece for later / Realize I can't wait, yeah / I'm trying to walk away, walk away, I'm walking,” she sings, knowing one can never pour from an empty cup.

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Millett’s latest release marks the fifth single from her forthcoming debut album, When Everything Is Better I’ll Let You Know, following "Ride With Me," "Downright," "Slow" and “Heal." The project is taking shape as an offering of her own vulnerability as means to help others. She's five for five with what we've heard thus far from the collection, and we anticipate that her hot streak is just beginning.

Pip Millett's When Everything Is Better I’ll Let You Know is scheduled to drop on Friday, October 21st and is currently available to pre-save. Listen to “Walk Away” below.

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