Nick Hakim Disorients & Enchants With 'Vertigo'

Photo Credit: Nick Hakim/YouTube

With the end of summer coming at week's end, the musical vibes are definitely in transition. We're winding down from the season of bops and bangers into a season of quieter, more introspective sounds. In other words, it's a perfect time for singer-songwriter Nick Hakim to be dropping an album. He'll hit us with his latest, COMETA, this October, and he's giving us another listen and look with his latest single "Vertigo."

Like his previous single "Happen," "Vertigo" isn't in a rush to get to its conclusion. In fact, that's the complete antithesis to the song's intention. As a heady rush of guitar and synth plays through the speakers, Nick offers a simple request as he sings, "Slow down / Make this moment last / A bit longer / Slow down / Watch the light shine through the / The day I missed this love."

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He also evokes the song's title in its music video. The song constantly makes reference to "Spinning fast as hell, can't tell what's moving." He achieves this effect by placing the clip inside a house in the middle of a pastoral landscape. As the visual progresses, we realize that the house is actually rotating as the song plays on thanks to a set of gears it's set upon. It's an interesting concept and one that we don't think we've seen executed in such a way before.

COMETA is shaping up to be a welcome return to form for Nick Hakim and we can't wait to hear more when it's released on October 21st. Listen to "Vertigo" and watch its video below. For info on his upcoming COMETA North American and European tour dates, visit his website.

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