MK xyz Needs A 'Baddie' In Her Life & No One Else Will Do

Photo Credit: MK xyz/Twitter

MK xyz is a quadruple threat who counts being a singer, songwriter, actress and dancer among her many talents. She's signed to Epic Records/RZ3 Recordings and has received positive reviews for her role in the popular Netflix teen vampire series First Kill. Despite all of her accomplishments and everything she's got going on, however, at the end of the day, she wants someone to share it all with. MK xyz shares her search for a new boo on her single "Baddie."

“Baddie” is co-written by MK xyz and produced by Tricky Stewart, Brandon Bell and Corey Keay who lace her with a mid-tempo groove featuring an infectious guitar riff, head-nodding percussion and a solid bass line. MK’s solid vocals navigate the beat just fine. 

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Lyrically, MK has no issues stating exactly what and who she is looking for. "I need a baddie / To crush on me, to love on me / Something about her / That makes me think, that makes me weak," she sings about the kinda girl who'll catch her attention. And when she does get the girl, she plans to spoil her rotten. "I got all this money and not much love / Man, I need a baddie / Give her anything she wants," she brags.

We don't know what MK xyz's love life is like in real life, but she should have no problem finding a "Baddie" to match her same energy. Get into the single below, and stay tuned for a video for “Baddie” to be released.

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