Little Dragon Continues Their Musical Evolution With ‘Opening The Door’

Photo Credit: Little Dragon/Instagram

Little Dragon has been on fire as of late. The Swedish quartet has never missed when it came to their output, but their output has been hitting different ever since they dropped their 2017 album Season High. Their willingness to get more experimental with R&B and dance elements has resulted in some of their best works yet — including 2020’s New Me, Same Us and their EPs Lover Chanting, Drifting Out and their newest Opening The Door.

Consisting of just three tracks, Opening The Door still manages to push the group’s artistry forward. They go ’80s chic thanks to the synth-heavy opener “Stay,” which has a tranquil, breezy feel thanks to bouncy bass and synth flute flourishes helping to adorn singer Yukimi Nagano‘s voice. It also boasts a feature from JID, who does his rap-singing thing to great effect as he latches onto the song’s vibe and provides a welcome change-up to the song’s flow near its end.

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“Frisco,” which served as the EP’s lead single, is the track that has the most traditional Little Dragon sound thanks to its shuffling electro-groove and Yukimi’s whispery vocal. But even it turns expectations on their ear when it suddenly morphs into a fluttering dance track two-thirds of the way through (which happens to be the section that gives the EP its title).

The set closes on “Peace,” which starts things off with didgeridoo, flute and far-off sounding chimes, evoking the feel of some sort of tribal celebration. With that soundscape gelling behind her, Yukimi sings sweetly of needing peace as the music swirls around her. It’s a fitting ending to an EP about opening oneself up to the peace and possibility of life.

Little Dragon fans will be happy to hear the band’s sound on Opening The Door, and those who aren’t quite acquainted will find the set’s warm vibes a brief-but-welcome respite from their day-to-day life.

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