Kiana Ledé Faces Heartbreak With Fiercely Artistic Beauty In 'Irresponsible'

Photo Credit: Kiana Ledé/YouTube

Kiana Ledé is stepping into the last quarter of the year hotter than ever. The songstress started her latest era when she released her single "Irresponsible" last week. The song, about a fella who didn't handle her heart with care, was already a memorable one on its own. The singer takes it to the next level with a new visual artfully directed by Michelle Parker.

The artistic choices for the visual are very deliberate here, with each shot set up to look amazing on camera. We first see Kiana, dressed in all white with her golden locks cascading past her shoulders, as she poses with her ill-fated beau in an all-white room. The artful cinematography is captured in close-ups and wide shots with an eye that we usually associated with a photographer.

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That set up isn't all we see, though, as we see Kiana in a variety of settings, including rolling across pale turquoise sheets and in a stunning red dress while she stares at the sky through a mirror placed below her. We also get split-screen shots that show the couple in happier times, flowers primed to be set ablaze, objects breaking and Polaroids with frayed edges, showing how tumultuous the couple's love was.

Kiana Ledé could've given us the typical breakup video for "Irresponsible" and we would've been satisfied. The fact that she gave us such a fiercely beautiful artistic piece instead shows that she's not playing around this go 'round. We can't wait to see what else she has in store.

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Check out the artistic side of Kiana Ledé when you watch "Irresponsible" below.

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