Josh Levi Is On The Verge Of A Breakdown In 'ALL OVER AGAIN'

Photo Credit: Josh Levi/Instagram

Josh Levi is an R&B star that is continuing his rise. Earlier this year, the crooner blessed us with his second EP DISC TWO and gave us another taste of the promising career that is ahead of him. The set has many notable cuts, including "VICES" and his "DON'T THEY" remix. Another standout from the set is "ALL OVER AGAIN," and it's finally gotten the visual treatment.

The clip finds our boy Josh sitting in a therapist's chair as he rehashes what went wrong with a recently ended relationship. Somehow, though, we get the impression he's not quite over it. It might be the obvious anger he's showing while discussing it with the therapist. Or maybe it's his sudden outbursts, which include impromptu choreography to the song's knocking beat. Actually, the tell-tale sign is the fact that he's hallucinating that his doctor is his ex and getting pretty darn inappropriate with her. Either way, we don't think this particular session is going too well.

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With all this drama, we don't know if he'll be invited back for more time on the couch. He will, however, make it onto our replay list as this one is highly entertaining. See what we mean when you watch Josh Levi work through a nasty love hangover in "ALL OVER AGAIN" below.

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