John Legend Sings The Praises Of His 'Wonder Woman'

Photo Credit: John Legend/YouTube

John Legend gives the best anniversary gifts. As part of the celebration of his ninth wedding anniversary to Chrissy Teigen, he gifted her with a music video for his song "Wonder Woman," a touching tribute to the tenacity and grace of women from his eighth studio album LEGEND. The double album plays out in two acts, opening with the sexy and sultry on Act I and closing with the spiritual and healing on Act II. His latest single, found on Act II, is a testament to the transformative power of love. 

In an endearing Instagram post, Legend thanked his muse. “I married my Wonder Woman 9 years ago today. Happy Anniversary, my love. You never cease to amaze me,” he wrote. While these are not the actual lyrics to “Wonder Woman,” they convey the same sentiment. 

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The multi-platinum EGOT is no stranger to vulnerability and public displays of affection for his wife. Think back to “All Of Me,” his smash single released just after they wed in 2013. Almost a decade in, John is still singing her praises on “Wonder Woman.”

The track opens with Legend expressing his gratitude for his wife and being awestruck by her strength. “You make me wonder, woman / How do you do it? / Some superpower / I don't understand / You make me wonder, woman / How do you do it? / You're superhuman / And I'm just a man,” he croons in amazement.

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Legend knows she is his saving grace. “When I’m lost, when I’m low / How do you always know? / Oh, you’re right there to save me at the end of my rope,” he sings. He tells her that her sacrifices have not gone unnoticed and that he is grateful for how she loves him and puts his needs above hers, even when he’s at his worst. 

In the accompanying visual featuring Chrissy and their children, John delights in showering her with affection and praise, while embracing the lessons she has taught him. “Give me hope give me help / When I’m going through hell / Show me loving somebody starts with loving myself,” he concludes.  

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Filmed in central Italy, the video was directed by family friend and filmmaker Nabil Elderkin (who also directed the “All Of Me” video). As Legend sings, Nabil memorializes the sweet family getaway, beautifully telling a story of love, commitment, healing and new life. His lens captures their poolside playfulness and Teigen cradling her baby bump as well as their grown-up alone time with steamy PDA that includes a candle-lit bubble bath and sexy piano serenade. 

The song and video for “Wonder Woman” are a beautiful tribute in celebration of their beautiful milestone of nine years of marriage, with its attending triumphs and defeats. Dropping a touching video on your anniversary is dope, and having the matchmaker who basically predicted your union to direct it is priceless. 

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This is the happily ever after we love to see, and you will, too. Fall in love with John Legend's “Wonder Woman” when you watch the video below. If you haven't done so already, listen to LEGEND, a spectacular project from start to finish.

Want even more John Legend? Catch him on this season of The Voice and in Las Vegas for his Love In Las Vegas residency when it returns to Caesar’s Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino from October 14th-29th.

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