Jade Novah Is A Woman For All Seasons In 'Trip'

Photo Credit: Jade Novah/YouTube

We've been loving Moon In Pisces, the latest EP from the incomparably talented Jade Novah, and it's gotten its fair share of spins around SBHQ. But, thanks to her own creative visions, we've also been enjoying the visuals we've gotten from the set thus far. Jade stole our hearts in clips for "I Just Wanna Know" and "Lost In You," and she does it once again with the release of the video for "Trip."

As we previously shared in our review of the single, "Trip" finds Jade inviting her lover to explore the wonderland that is her body over a romantic groove. The visual for the song plays up the "road trip" metaphor while giving us a Jade for every season and location.

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We first see an icy version of the songstress as she plays ice queen in shades of white and silver in the backseat of what appears to be a uniquely tricked-out Caddy. With each location change, Jade switches up her persona. When we see a volcano, Jade becomes a fierce and fiery temptress in red. When we see pyramids, she becomes an Egyptian goddess complete with a sleek bob and a wardrobe in shades of gold. And finally, when the journey veers into a lush forest, we get an earthy version of the singer covered in bright, colorful flowers.

Between this clip and her hilarious Inner Js, it's safe to say that Jade Novah really is every woman. Watch her work in the video for "Trip" when you press play.

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