Ibeyi Quenches Our Thirst With Their 'Juice Of Mandarins' On 'COLORS'

Photo Credit: COLORS/YouTube

The sweet feeling of new love is an experience like no other. Cuban-French sister duo Ibeyi capture that sentiment in their latest song “Juice Of Mandarins,” which they premiered during their debut performance at the COLORS Studios.

Twins Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz’s angelic harmonies glisten over Richard Russell’s pared-down production. They describe the song as an ode to “the ecstasy of falling in love,” which they shared on Instagram.

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The lyrics focus on the heady feelings of wonderment and joy that can consume you with the right person. “And in the house, in the house on the hill / I’m fascinated by how you make me feel / She breathes out and I exhale in / And now I’m high,” they sing, volleying each line back-and-forth before allowing their layered harmonies to take center stage.

“Juice Of Mandarins” is just the latest to come from the talented duo who released their 10-track EP Spell 31 back in May. Though this COLORS performance and brand-new song doesn’t come with news that a new album is in the works or on the way, our fingers are crossed.

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Ibeyi is keeping busy with a slate of tour dates that will take them across Europe through early December. After taking a much-needed holiday break, they will pick up where they left off with several dates in France before they head across the pond for the North American leg of the Spell 31 Tour in 2023. After you watch Ibeyi's sensual tribute to discovering love below, scroll down to view their upcoming tour dates to see where you'll be able to catch them live.

Photo Credit: Ibeyi/Instagram

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