Durand Bernarr Makes It Clear What He Wants In 'Lil Bit'

Photo Credit: Red The Shooter

Fresh off his Step Into My Office Tour, Durand Bernarr returns with a new single to whet our whistles while we await his next move. “Lil Bit” delivers a hefty serving of vocals and tongue-in-cheek fun as he spells out what he’s looking for in a bae.

From the song’s opening, listeners are immediately pulled in by the '80s-styled synths before Bernarr gets straight to the point as he sings, “Beauty don’t work for me / That’s not what I need / Cause I want my baby a lil bit ugly.” Though the delivery is funny, the message itself is quite simple: being treated right is more important than looks any day.

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Bernarr has been teasing the release of the song for some time, performing it during his set at this year’s Roots Picnic and leading his audience on a singalong through the song’s catchy ad libs at his recent Atlanta tour stop. “Lil Bit” feels like the perfect song for a day at the skating rink, which is fitting given Bernarr’s affinity for roller skating.

The single is presumably taken from his upcoming sophomore album, which he announced was completed and mixed back in May. As we sit tight for more details, we’ll be more than happy to keep running “Lil Bit” on repeat in the meantime. 

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