Col3trane Spends His Cash To Get Some Love In 'Lights Out'

Photo Credit: Col3trane/YouTube

They say that money can't buy you happiness. While we'd like to be able to test that adage someday, we do know that spending cash on the right person can definitely get you some love and affection. That's the sentiment for the Col3trane track "Lights Out," lifted from his album Lush Life. The single happens to be the latest from the set to get a visual.

Unlike the last video we got from the British singer-songwriter for "Logan Paul," Col3trane skips the surrealistic vibes in favor of something more direct. We meet him at a store where he's presumably picking up a few expensive items and trinkets for his lady love. We never get to see the woman in question, but there are several beauties and beaus sifting through items in the store and singing along to the groove.

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Also, if you look closely, you'll notice that most of the items these beautiful people are looking at happens to be Col3trane's own merch — which just so happens to be available through his website right now. What a coincidence! We can't really be mad at the singer's hustle, especially since some of those items look pretty damn fly.

All in all, the "Lights Out" video is a cute and fun clip that both entertains and motivates. Who can knock that? Watch the clip below and try not to buy up all of Col3trane's merch before we pick up ours, OK?

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