Ciara & Summer Walker Are On To 'Better Thangs'

Photo Credit: Ciara/Instagram

It's no longer Hot Girl Summer, but if Ciara has her way, it's going to be a Fly Girl Fall. The songstress, who gave us something to bop to with her track "JUMP" back in July has arrived with her follow-up, and she's got her girl Summer Walker in tow for their collaborative jam "Better Things."

The track has a block-rocking beat thanks to bumping 808s and programmed drums made to make speakers knock. Meanwhile, synth chords help create the melody as Ciara and Summer speak on leaving trifling folks in the rearview as they look forward to the future.

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"I been sippin' on this drink, I ain't got no complaints / CiCi in her own lane, eventually they come around," Ciara sings. "You can say I'm livin' the dream, only winners on my team (Oh) / You ain't gotta check up on me, I got everything I need (Ah)."

Summer is also on her moving on tip, singing, "I got grace, put a n***a right in his place / Ain't got nothin' else to say / 'Cause I know karma comes around / So I pray, never waste mental space / Or my energy on things I can't control."

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"'Better Thangs' is a feel-good R&B anthem for elevating every aspect of your life. It’s meant to bring joy while inspiring the continuous evolution of one's self," Ciara said of her latest single. "I have so much respect for my girl Summer and it’s fitting to have her on the record because we connect on so many levels, from where we come from, to our journeys and our mission to inspire other people to go after what they deserve in life…better thangs!"

"Better Thangs" is sure to heat up this fall and, with a video set to premiere Friday (September 30th), we're sure Ciara and Summer Walker will be on our screens for the rest of 2022. Prepare yourself by listening to the song below.

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