Christian Kuria Details A Breakup With Shades Of Regret In 'Deep Green'

Photo Credit: Christian Kuria/Instagram

Christian Kuria has been hitting us with a pretty steady stream of music as of late. Now it seems that he's ready to give us a complete collection, with the singer-songwriter subtly dropping news via Instagram that his new EP, Suspension Of Disbelief, will be arriving in November. Ahead of that release, he's dropped off his newest single "Deep Green."

"Deep Green" finds Christian exploring the tense moments at the end of the relationship. As moody synth, bass and guitar lay down the sound bed, his lyrics tell the story of what's transpired. Though the relationship's demise was sudden at first, he realizes the signs were there all along.

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"Guess I did see it coming / Made it look easy, we barely even had to try / Ride around town 'til the morning (Yeah) / Braving the breeze as we stare at passing satellites," he sings on the opening verse. "You told me you would take aim / But it's not even an option / You fake everything / And now that it's all in the open / Everything's clear as daylight."

"Deep Green" shows once again that Christian Kuria has an undeniable knack for bringing the often-overlooked nuances of romantic relationships into focus. It makes his music relatable, and it's one of the reasons that Suspension Of Disbelief will be a project we'll be looking for this fall.

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Listen to "Deep Green" when you press play right here and then stick around for the song's lyric video.

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