Bree Runway Makes Her Case For Why She's 'THAT GIRL'

Photo Credit: Bree Runway/YouTube

Bree Runway is one of the best British imports to cross the pond in years. The multi-hyphenate star has been burning up speakers since she burst onto the scene and she doesn't seem to want to let up any time soon. To that effect, Miss Runway is ready to show and prove why she's the talk of every town with her latest single "THAT GIRL."

Bree wastes no time getting down to business as her voice repeats "been that girl" to introduce us to the song. It's soon joined by banging bass and sampled vocal and synth stabs that punctuate the groove in a way reminiscent of the songs that soundtrack ballroom culture. It's more than enough bounce for Bree to talk her ish on, which she does with aplomb.

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"I already been that girl / I already been that girl / Get the cash get the money / Betta spend that, girl / If you bad and you know it / Better show out, girl," she rhymes on the chorus. Meanwhile, she lists her bona fides from looks to fashion to her bank account as she lets everyone know that she is indeed that chick.

The video for the song solidifies her claims even more. She looks positively amazing in a variety of looks ranging from haute couture to 'round-the-way girl. When she's not looking photoshoot ready, she's rapping her tail off and busting out impressive choreography to show off why she should always be at the top of your mind.

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"I've been on a mini hiatus and there’s no better way to remind you that I'm 'THAT GIRL,'" Bree said in a press statement about her new track. "This song automatically makes me feel like the main character in the middle of a sweaty club, and I'm just oozing sex, glamour and confidence whilst everybody watches. It's my everyday reminder of how fabulous I am, and it’s your new everyday reminder, too — you're automatically a 10 if you: turn this on, f**k with it, press play and feel liberated, pumped up and free."

If you're a bad chick or just need to feel like one for the night, we suggest that you make "THAT GIRL" part of your soundtrack. Get into the jam when you press play right here and then check out Bree Runway in action in the song's music video.

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